Installing RHEL 8 to play around with.

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Installing RHEL 8 to play around with.

So to begin with you can get a No-Cost RHEL dev subscription from RH to play around with their new offering. Goto:

Once you set up your free account you can download and set up thumb drive to boot from. Get the latest ISO and DD it to a thumb drive. Be careful if you are not use to using DD. You’ve been warned.

Pretty standard install. Choose the software (I use a NON GUI Server). Select pack options, select and set up hard drive, set up root password and had a user. Then sit back and wait.

When it boots for the first time keep in mind it will not see the network. Typing ifup [nicname] will get you connected if you have a dhcp server on your network. If not go into /etc/sysconfig/networkscripts/[nicname] and edit that file.

Then issue a service network restart and you should be able to ping or other things on your network.

Now to be able to update the system you need to set up your no-cost subscription.

Issue the command subscription-manager register

It will ask for username and password.

Once that is successful you can use subscription-manager list to see what have. More then likely is will say you are not subscribed.

Issue command subscription-manager subscribe and it should set you up.

Now you can issue sudo yum update.

There you are….you have a fresh install and you can update….;)

Till next time.

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